Ok, many people consider RJS as the “Real Most Interesting Man In The World” while others consider him to be the Donald Trump of Wallmart Shoppers, so the big question in 2017 becomes if Trump is now the President is RJS the President of Walmart Shoppers or is he just another guy at the check out counter who is either watching the other "Wallmart Wonders" or being watched himself as a “Wallmart Wonder” - and if you have ever been to a Wallmart, you know what we’re talking about.  Either way, RJS remains the real most interesting man in the world in 2017 and he remains a die hard supporter of Donald J. Trump our new President who hopefully will make America not one Great Again but the Greatest of the Greatest.

In 2017 RJS has come out of retirement which is about the only thing in Life that he was not very good at anyway and he is not working on Miami Beach or in the MAGIC CITY as many like to call it.  Regardless, RJS is preforming his own “magic” as he gets over involved in the Hotel Business his family owns on Miami Beach.  RJS “Big Daddy” is also commenting to the Dominican Republic every month were his TEAM of FANTASTIC PEOPLE are creating the “First Ever” Caribbean Bed & Breakfast Vacation Rentals at some very breath taking properties.   Yep, he is still flying his own plane but not as much as in the past because he has hired a new pilot but he does still Captain his own Yacht where he likes to keep at the docks in Atlantic City so he can gamble a little at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino which has been his summer home in 2016. 

What are some of the treasures RJS has acquired over the years?  You may be surprised at the answer, so we decided to show you a sort video of what the Real Most Interesting Man In The World treasures above all else. 

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