Richard J. Schecher Sr.                              Is he the real most interesting man in the world ?

Some say he is the most interesting man in the world

others say he is the "Donald Trump" of Wallmart Shoppers 

He lives in the Bahamas but he works in the United States.  He is rarely in the same place for more than three days. Those who know him, claim he is the real most interesting man in the world and he does not even drink beer.  Some people know him as the Florida RV Guy, but no matter how you know him, just about everyone believes he is the real most interesting man in the world.

UPDATE 2019 - No change in status to report just another year older with more interesting tales to tell as 2018 comes to an end.  The challanges of 2018 have been overcome as 2019 opens the door to a new arrary of opportunities for the Real Most Interesting Man in the world. 


In 2019 the latest project on the books is the fractional sale of Sultan Suites on Miami Beach where vacation condo ownership has not only become affordable thanks to the Real Most Interesting Man In The Word but all of the problems and most of the costs associated with vacation condo ownership have been solved by Richard, Sr. the guy most people know as Big Daddy.

If you would like to discover the advantages of fractional vacation condo ownership on Miami Beach and perhaps make the best real estate investment of your live, viist or you can call the Real Most Interesting Man in the World and discover what makes him so interesting. 


How do you contact the most interesting man in the world?   Easy - if you can remember that he  had to get a 800 number because his friends were too cheap to make toll calls to reach him.  His mother always said he was a little Devil so he was assigned the number 600 because 666 was already assigned to the real Devil.  His name is RICH and if you forget his name, just remember he is what most everyone wants to be-- RICH.  So if you think of cheap people-free call, little devil, and Rich guy  - You get 800-600-RICH  which is the  phone number for the guy many people believe is the real most interesting man in the world.  It is also the only phone number one of his best friends (Bill Daly, Irish Catholic) could remember.

It's true and not fictional. He does fly his own plane which is the fastest single engine turbo-prop in the world, he does fly his own little plane, which is the fastest fixed gear single engine piston aircraft in the world, he does captain his own yacht,  he absoutly drives one of the most expensive cars in the world,  and he really did start out as a simple school teacher, he has a son that looks exactly like him, and his office is the ultimate man cave where he parks his TBM900 and other big boy toys.   Is it possible? Could he be the real most interesting man in the world?   

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He is no Donald Trump, however some people say he is the Donald Trump of Wallmart Shoppers.  However, unlike Donald Trump,  he is not running to be the President of the most powerful Nation in the world and none of his companies have ever filed for bankruptcy protection and  he even paid all of the condo owners at the Hollywood Beach Resort their rental proceeds out of his own pocket when his former property manager (David Hess) all but destroyed his Ramada Franchise ( Hotel Rental Program),  he does not have an unpublished phone, he can still be reached on his cell phone, and he is always willing to talk to people needing a life coach (the school teacher inside of him) and many think that he just  may be the real life most  interesting man in the world.

He is nown by many names - Richard has been called Mr. O'Malley, Big Daddy, Poppy Rich,  Mr Richard, Mr Joseph, Senior Checkers, Pappa, Jefe, Boss, and some other more juciy names behind his back but no matter how you know him, he is in the history books as  the founding father of the Schecher Group Family of Companies as well as several of the niche companies that make up the Schecher Group.

Richard J. Schecher, Sr is the founding father of the Schecher Group and today, Richard J. Schecher, Jr is reported to be following in his father's foot steps as Richard Sr is rapidly  approaching  retirement and a new life as a "senior citizen".  

In 2013,  Richard Jr has stepped up to fill the shoes of his father as  Jr continues the company tradition of superior client services in the highly niche market of luxury vacation rentals on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  Richard Jr continues the family tradition  following in his father's footsteps making the client-customer needs his number one priority. 

 The SCHECHER GROUP is a family of niche market compaines specializing in the Insurance, Finance, Real Estate, and the Travel & Hospitaltiy Industry.  Founded by Richard J. Schecher, Sr, the SCHECHER GROUP has been providing exceptional client services since 1987 from their offices on  the 79th floor of the World Trade Center until the tragic day of 911.

Today the SCHECHER GROUP maintains its former World Trade Center offices on Wall Street with its Insurance Division   (SIR SERVICES-NY) as well as in several offices across the country with its Finance Division (Bridgeport Capital Services).   In addition to insurance and finance, the SCHECHER GROUP maintains a Hospitality Division  with (SG RESORTS INTERNATIONAL ) in the both the United States and Caribbean which provides direct access to over 5,000 resorts worldwide in more than 100 countries.

The SCHECHER GROUP is also the proud sponsor of the SG RESORTS Vacation & Travel Club  whcih is part of the global Gold Crown Network of exceptional timeshare resorts with names like Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, and more.  The SGVC is an affordable travel & vacation club that provides families with direct access to over 5,000 of the most exclusive timeshare resorts found anywhere in  the world without any of the related upfront timeshare purchase, costs, fees, or any other related timeshare charges what-so-ever.  All  SGVC  Club Members enjoy direct access  to resort properties with rates oftentimes 90% less than the "Best Rate" Guarantee offered by Expedia and other Internet Giants. as well as deeply discounted luxury villa rentals on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  SGVC provides a direct connection to  SG RESORTS INTERNATIONAL  which is a collection of luxury caribbean vacation rentals. 

When asked what his secret to financial success is- Schecher replied that his financial success is a by-product of doing what he loves most, helping others.  Schecher claims he has always had the desire to share his good fortune with others and this is the foundation upon which he created his financial empire.  Schecher says that sharing one's good fortune with others generates more good fortune .  Money is not good fortune, money is a by-product of having good fortune enough to discover how to enjoy life and more important how to live life.  Schecher claims the only thing he gives people is "opportunity" what they do with it defines their "Good Fortune".  Over a lifetime career as a self-made Businessman, Investor & Mentor, Richard J. Schecher, Sr has always been there coaching those who have fallen under his wing for one reason or another.   Telephone (888) 453-5666        © SCHECHER GROUP 2013-2016