My Winning Team (Team Schecher)

Richard J. Schecher, Sr. - " The secret to my success is surrounding my self with great people who I can trust to get the job done."  without TEAM SCHECHER there is no SCHECHER GROUP.  The only credit that I can take is being smart enough to know that without a good Team, you have nothing.  Success comes when you replace the "I" with "We" and the perfect example is when you replace the "i" with a "w" in illness, you get wellness.  Need I say more?  I am proud to introduce my Team of exceptional people.

                         TEAM SCHECHER - working to make a difference

The # 1  Asset of the Schecher Group is its winning team, the people who make the Schecher Group the competition for others 

Meet Our Team of Professionals working for you at the Schecher Group

Danny Cohen - Casablanca Hotel Guest Service Manager - Danny has been a loyal team player for the Schecher Group for well over 15 years.


When you talk about guest service and someone who goes beyond the call of duty, you will almost be certain to hear the name Danny Cohen.  Danny has been a proud member of our Team Schecher for well over 15 years and like all of our loyal Team Players, Danny is always ready to address your concerns and needs. 

Danny works from his desk at the Casablanca Hotel on Miami Beach were he caters to his group of Vacation Club Members who live in Argentina.  Danny is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and is always ready willing and able to answer any of your questions about our SG RESORTS Travel & Vacation Club.  Dan "The Man" will take care of all your travel & vacation needs while on vacation with us at the Casablanca Hotel on Miami Beach.    Email: 

HBR- Our Team of Experts - Kristie.001

Kristie Scarola 

Hollywood Beach Resort -  Condo Owner  Coordinator 

Owners at the Hollywood Beach Resort have gotten to know Kristie as their Owner Coordinator.  Kristie is one of the newest members of our Winning Team and she has become a valuable player for our Team.  Owners at the Hollywood Beach Resort have all commented on the many improvements in communication and services since the arrival of Kristie on Team Schecher.


Gabriel Espino  HBR  Condo Accounting

Gabriel Espino - Condo Accounting Controller -CAM Licensed

Gabriel started with the Schecher Group in the Accounts Receivable Division and quickly worked his way thru the ranks to become the Controller for the Company's Condominium Accounting Division at several of the South Florida Condo Resorts owned or managed by SG RESORTS and the Schecher Group.  Gabriel is a licensed Community Association Manager and has been a proud member of Team Schecher for almost 10 years.  



Richard J. Schecher, Sr

Richard is the founding father of the Schecher Group and currently semi-retired but continues his involvement in company operations as the Director of Mergers & Acquisitions  and sitting CEO of serval of the Schecher Group Companies.  Richard remains active from his new status as senior citizen and Richard constantly flys from property to property working directly with the valued members of TEAM SCHECHER at the respective properties. Richard's travel schedule has him on the go just about every week but you will rarely find him outside the Caribbean & Florida area when the temperature drops below 60 degrees.  We published this picture of Richard in Grand Central Station after a meeting in NYC where the temperature was "freezing" but the business trip and mission was a huge success.   Email: 



Richard J. Schecher, Sr  Email: 

Richard J. Schecher, Jr  Email: 

    Two Generations of Schechers working to make a difference

Both Senior and Junior are had at work constantly improving and upgrading the vacation options available to the members of the SG RESORTS Travel & Vacation Club.  Always ready to travel and experience new vacation destinations both Richard Sr and Richard Jr are dedicated to making sure all vacation visitors to their resort destinations in the Dominican Republic arrive as guests and leave as family. 

 The goal of both Richard Sr and Richard Jr is to make your vacation with them in the Dominican Republic or the Florida Keys an annual event.  To live up to what they promise, you can purchase a Lifetime Platinum Plus SG RESORTS Travel & Vacation Club Membership and receive a FREE One Week Vacation Rental at your choice of the WatermarK Beach Resort on Cabarete Beach in the Dominican Republic or at one of their Florida Keys Vacation Homes located at the Venture Out Resort on Cudjoe Key. 

To take advantage of this limited offer just CONTACT US and we will hook you up.


Silva  Di Vincenzo  

Resident Manager  Villa Lazy Heart - Villa Cabofino

Silva works as our property manager at two of our luxury villas located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic where she expertly attends to all of our guest needs while they are in residence at either one of our two most luxurious oceanfront villas. (Villa Lazy Herat and Villa Cabofino)  Silva speaks several languages and has extensive experience in the area of property management and guest services in the Dominican Republic.  Silva is your "go to" person when you visit with us in the Dominican Republic.   Email: 

Anny Bitro - Front Office Manager  The Watermark Beach Resort

When you vacation or visit WatermarK Beach Resort you will get to know Anny Bitro because she will be the person that not only welcomes you to the world famous Cabarete Beach area but she will make sure your vacation is something special.  You may arrive as a guest but you will leave feeling as if you are family because Anny cares about you and is one very special person at the Watermark.  Anny speaks both Spanish and English and is always ready to assist resident guests with whatever they may require. 


    Lisa Patrlja -  SG Administrative Assistant - Operations Coordinator   

A valued member of Team Schecher for over 15+ years, Lisa has done just about every job possible during her tenure with  the Schecher Group and worked her way up the corporate ladder to Administrative Assistant & Operations Coordinator for the Boss.  Clients & Guests report seeing Lisa doing anything and everything  from changing ceiling lightbulbs at O'Malley's Ocean Pub, cleaning hotel rooms,  to washing the company yacht  during the group sponsored events.  Lisa has a very broad job description which has her doing just about everything ender the sun.  Lisa's official title is Administrative Assistant\ Operations Coordinator but all that really means is that she is the individual behind the scenes that most people don't see but she is hard at work getting the job done for those Team Members & Managers she supports.          Email:  

   Ian Shopsis  a\k\a  The “ E “  Man 

Luxury Villa Specialist - Dominican Republic

Ian is the person you most likely will first communicate with either by telephone or email when you rent a villa from SG RESORTS  Caribbean Vacation Properties located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  Ian has been a valued member of the Schecher Group for well over 18 years.  Ian first worked with SIR SERVICES-NY in New York City as a building inspector\claims investigator and insurance claims adjuster.  Shortly after 911 Ian transferred to the Resort Operations in the Dominican Republic where he now functions as the "Villa Expert".  Ian is originally from New Jersey but he is fluent in Spanish, so he is always ready to help you with any language barrier.  Ian can coordinate your entire vacation at any one of our select luxury villas located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  Ian also coordinates all the special events including the bachelor parties that have become famous in the Dominican Republic.   Email: 

Maxim Guerrero Sosa

     General Manager - Treasure Cove Ranch- Dominican Republic


 Maxim has been working with the company for many years coming to us right from college where she help work her way thru colleage as the night  front desk clerk at Tropical Suites & Villas on Cofresi Beach, now part of the Lifestyle Holidays Resort.  Maxim went to college, learned English, and worked for us many nights learning the hospitality business.  Today Maxim is not only a valued member of our office management team in Cabarte but she is also the manager of the Treasure Cove Horse Ranch where she oversees the daily operations of the Ranch as well as guest services & transportation.  Maxim is also holds a black belt in Bujutsu and when not hard at work at the Treasure Cove Ranch she has been seen fighting in several  Friday Night Fights  at the Ocean Wold Casino.


 Our guys work hard at the Treasure Cove Ranch and have received nothing but praise from the thousands of guests that visit our ranch every year.  The smiles on everyone's face and the friendly way guests are treated make for fantastic memories of the day's horseback tour up the mountain overlooking Cofresi Beach.   All SG RESORT Travel & Vacation Club Members are eligible for a complimentary horseback tour while on vacation at any of our properties in the Dominican Republic.

BCS - Bridgeport Capital Services  

Keeping American Business Alive by providing over $100 Million annually for the  small to medium size business owners across the country.  Bridgeport Capital has a team of experts ready, willing , and able to respond to all of your finance\factoring needs. 


Mark Rosenstein BCS

Mark Rosenstein -  Bridgeport Capital Services - CEO 

Mark is one of the founding fathers of BCS and a proud member of the Schecher Group Family of Companies. Mark is one of the reasons BCS has developed into  one of the primer factoring companies in the country.  With its main office in Coral Springs Florida  BCS provides over $100 Million in annual financing for the factoring needs of small to medium size businesses.  BCS also provides funding for many huge National Accounts.  If you find your business in need of factoring\financing, you may wish to explore the opportunities available with Mark Rosenstein and Bridgeport Capital Services.   


Jason Rosenstein BCS

Jason Rosenstein - Bridgeport Capital Services - President

Jason is the President and the driving force that is responsible for  making BCS one of the premier factoring companies in the United States.  Long hours and hard work is no stranger to Jason as he spent  many sleepless nights and very long office hours working to make BCS what it is today.  BCS is one of the strongest well respected factoring companies in the United States with offices in several key states and its main office in Coral Springs Florida.  Contact Jason to review any of your business finance\factoring needs and let BCS start working to make your financial life more healthy.  Emal: 

YES - This is another father & son team hard at work within the Schecher Group Family of Companies. Two Generations of Rosensteins working to make a difference for your business. 

PLUS  another 100 or so other people who are hard at work behind the scenes and report to this exceptional team of managers.  Combined we are TEAM SCHECHER and we are the Schecher Group  working to make a difference for you.

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