Double R Ranch - Central Florida

The Double R Ranch is located in Central Florida just West of Daytona Beach and a little South of Orlando.  The Double R Ranch is a 100 acre destination property that is available for all types of private & corporate events.  If it can be held outdoors, if it is not against the law, and if you can get enough people to show up, the Double R Ranch may be the perfect place for you to host your next event, party, corporate outing, church event, or just about anything you can think of regarding outdoor fun.

If you planning a scouting event, family reunion, or a redneck wedding - we have the perfect place for you to host your event and our catering staff can coordinate everything from folding chairs to a circus tent.  Our ability to assist you in the best outdoor party planning is onl limited by your individual budget.  We have professional event planners available to assist you with every detail of your next event.

The Double R Ranch is a perfect place to hold your next RV Rendezvous or just a great place for a group of friends to go and camp out for a long weekend.  Whether you arrive by pickup, RV, Camper, or just by the family car- you are guaranteed the most enjoyable family outdoor fun starting with a great family BBQ at your own private camp site.  

The Double R has plenty of camp sites and there is always plenty do do at the Double R.  Guests must sign a "Liability Waiver" but once signed guest are permitted to bring their own dirt bikes and ride the various trails winding around the entire 100 acres.   Guest can bring their own tree stand and set up for the picture perfect shot at a wild boar or one of the many deer that roam the property.  

Comming Soon - The Cabins at the Double R Ranch.  You can join our Travel & Vacation Club sponsored by SG RESORTS and purchase your own cabin in the woods.  You pay one time Lifetime Membership Fee plus the purchase price of either a new or used  Double R Cabin and its yours to enjoy for the next 10 years.  You will get your own key to the front gate and you can visit your own cabin & camp site anytime you wish.    As a member of our Redneck Travel & Vacation Club you will have unlimitted access to the Double R Ranch where you will have your own personal cabin and camp site and you will also have access to more than 5,000 resorts world wide.  For more informaiton about our Double R Cabins and a lifetime membership, contact me using my CONTACT FORM.   Telephone (888) 453-5666        © SCHECHER GROUP 2013-2016